Kids Against Pollution (KAP) was established in 1987, and is a non-profit multinational active youth group aimed at  promoting environmental awareness.  KAP is dedicated to solving and preventing pollution problems through interactive educational projects and events aimed at protecting children's health. Projects focus on clean air, renewable energy and alternative fuels. 

Environmental Bill of Rights

Our legislators are mandated in the Preamble of our Constitution to provide for our general welfare.  Because of this, we believe we are entitled, by law, to clean air, land and water.

It does not appear that our right to a clean environment is being upheld.  Therefore, we propose that an amendment be made to our state and National Constitutions which will mandate specific environmental rules.  In this way, because all legislators have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, they will be compelled to act and enforce the law.


We have a right to clean air uncontaminated with the poisonous byproducts of industry.  We have the right to an atmosphere free of chlorinated fluorocarbons and high levels of carbon monoxide, both of which are, today, contributing to a global warming (also known as the “greenhouse effect”).  Every reasonable means should be taken to promptly accomplish this task.


Water is the lifeblood of our planet.  We have the right to uncontaminated drinking water, not water that is increasingly laden with toxins andindustrial byproducts.  We have the right to swim in our Nation’s waterways, to see its shores free of waste from ocean dumping, to catch fish that are not laden with mercury, PCB’s, lead, dioxin, or other substances harmful to life.


Our land is a precious resource.  We cannot continue to dump our waste on it without taking the strictest precautions.  There must be tighter control of sumping and the lining to landfills where landfills are necessary to prevent the contamination of the water supply.  Recycling must be made mandatory and recycled products should be encouraged through tax breaks and government purchasing.  We must reduce the volume of waste by returning it to its manufacturers.


Finally, Environmental Education should be a subject taught as a separate course for at least one month each year starting at kindergarten, and culminating in the 12th grade.  This course should be a practical one which emphasizes how we can conserve our resources and how to eliminate all forms of pollution.

Frank Paullone Jr, 3rd District, New Jersey 

Congress of the United States, House of Representatives, Washington, DC

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