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Sustainable Development means meeting the demands of today without jeopardizing the needs of tomorrow; it sees economic and environmental health as interlinked, mutually supportive goals. Sustainable Development takes on poverty, workplace safety, health, fair trade issues, prejudice and environmental racism by incorporating equitable partnerships for mutually supportive solutions. Prosperity comes from practicing sustainable development because natural resources are not fouled and are replenished. Peace is a result of practicing equity in neighborhoods and workplaces from small towns to the globe over.

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KAP has grown from a single classroom to a multinational network working on global warming, energy, alternative fuel choice, composting, gardens and more, your contribution will assist our growth needs. 

Our Reason

Youth inherit the poor and wise ecological decisions made by their predecessors. Information is power and giving youth up to date environmental information gives them the power to make the right sustainable decisions.

Our Modality

KAP engages youth in critical environmental issues by involving them in interactive environmental educational pro- jects; fosters life skills by developing objective thought, problem solving, and team building through environmental issues; expands understanding through interaction with culturally, ethnically, socially diverse peers locally, regionally, nationally and globally; and provides environmental workshops and conferences.

Our Goal

Include Youth as stakeholders in the ecological decision making process in order to reclaim their environment, their lives, today and tomorrow. 

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