Rich or poor we all seem to want the same thing, peace and prosperity. In KAP we work on pollution, poverty and prejudice be- cause it is all connected. Peace is a result of equity.

Illai Akia Kenney (13) Atlanta, GA 

Kernan elementary School has been privileged to work with Kids Against Pollution. The benefits are outstanding because it’s not just book learning it’s applied learning; science, math, collaboration and advocacy. It fits well with students Service Learning and New York State Curriculum requirements. 

Gina Espisito, Principal Kernan Magnet Elementary School 

I Love Earth Day - Lobby Day. I learn about the issues and the proposed environmental legislations, then I get to meet with elected officials. I can’t vote, but I can still think and talk about what I think. 

Andrew Lamphere (16) Middleville, NY 

It is good that youth can be involved making a difference in our lives now, and also for our future, it is hard to see a future some- times, but if youth can do simple things, stay connected with others around the world, then there is hope.

Bongali Mncube (16) Soweto, South Africa 

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